How much does a video cost?

#VLOG "How much does a video cost?" We hear this question quite often at MoviLab. Ideally, we'd like to say: "That will be €18.95, ma'am. Would you like a bag with that?" But unfortunately, it's not that simple. There are many factors that determine the price. However, we've tried to provide an answer to this difficult question in this #LabGeeks episode.

You can compare the price of a video to the price of a car. But what does that mean exactly? For a few hundred euros, you can already buy an old clunker. But what do you get then...

It works the same way with videos. The cheapest video we could find online is a standard animation for the price of €195 (but this is on sale, so act fast).

But at MoviLab, we don't believe that you'll be happy with that. And we simply don't make those kinds of videos. For that, we're happy to refer you to one of our fine competitors. 

Why do you buy a car? Because you want to get from point A to point B. So, reliability is important. You want it to work. It's the same with videos. 

Now you might be thinking, "Are there videos that don't work?" Absolutely! The internet is full of them. These are videos that fail to achieve their intended purpose. They don't clearly explain your value proposition, generate leads, or prompt clicks on your call to action. 

You don't want this. 

We believe that every story you have to tell is unique. So, every video is custom-made. It starts with us listening very carefully to you. We immerse ourselves completely in your message, product, or service, and we dissect your target audience to find out how we can move them in the best possible way. We do this using our StoryCanvas method. This is an interactive session where we, together with you, scrutinize your story. Read more about StoryCanvas here.

Is that immediately expensive? Not at all. Sometimes, we listen to your story and the best approach is to start vlogging. It's very contemporary, effective, and all you need is a phone.

A bit like this one:

It may not look super slick, but it's decent enough to present yourself and get you where you want to go.

But... it may also be necessary for you to present your organization in a more professional manner. In that case, we develop a distinctive concept. We bring in a cameraman and a director. We light everything neatly and make sure everything looks good. And we also create cool animations and awesome drone shots. 

What that costs? Hard to say. That depends on the number of shooting days and the number of locations. And whether, for example, actors or extras are needed...

But... we promised answers.

So what do you think of this...?

With such a video, you can make an impression. It has everything you could wish for.

But wait before you head to the dealer... Sometimes your communication demands even more quality. Then it needs to look even slicker and more spectacular. Or maybe you want to incorporate new techniques like virtual reality. A video campaign that everyone is talking about and that gets shared like crazy! That's when we pull out all the stops. We bring in the best cameramen, lighting technicians, set dressers, and makeup artists so that everything looks just like it does in the movies. 

What budget does that require? The sky is the limit now. But let's start at the lower end. 

Looks good, doesn't it?! And that's what people will also say about your video. 

But now, what we actually secretly want to know. What does a real blockbuster cost? So, the lower limit is about 8 to 10 thousand euros. But suppose we throw everything we can think of into this video: drones, sets, special effects, George Clooney, 3D animations... you name it...

Then you're quickly looking at the budget of a Tesla.

Do you need a moment to recover? We understand. But don't worry. You don't have to make a Hollywood movie. With considerably smaller budgets, you can still win the hearts of your target audience. 

Conclusion: your video doesn't have to be expensive. Cut costs wherever you can if necessary, but NEVER skimp on a thorough plan and video marketing strategy! A video costing €1000 with a good plan performs better than a random €10,000 video that hasn't been carefully thought out.

And let's not forget what we're aiming for. Your video should deliver results. So a video that does its job costs nothing, but actually brings results!

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